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Part Exchange

Got a car to offer and want to component exchange in Hampshire? Rake's biggest used car supermarket accepts all vehicles as part exchange when you acquire any type of car in our range.

Your part-exchange assessment will be a little less than exactly what you would obtain if you sold your car privately. It is also less to if you were buying the exact same vehicle. This is since the dealership will be purchasing your car from you to re-sell it. This suggests they'll need to pay costs for stocking and preparation.

They will take these expenses into account when supplying you a cost. Keep in mind that you may obtain a much better offer on the car you're purchasing if you part-exchange with a dealer. Our evaluations play back exactly what's in the market. Due to the fact that the used-car market adjustments rapidly, we upgrade our appraisals every day.

The guide costs we offer you a smart idea what the car may be worth, depending upon exactly how you're getting or marketing it. Nonetheless, numerous elements can affect the price, consisting of:

Service history

Cars are worth a lot more with a fully-documented service history.

Variety of owners

Generally, cars with more previous proprietors deserve much less, particularly if they lack documentation as well.

Overall problems

Cars of comparable ages can have significantly different levels of wear and damages.


Purchasers usually pay much more for a lengthy MOT.


Certain colours can be preferred, depending upon present trends and styles.


Additions like spoilers, body kits and more could increase or reduce the worth.

Optional extras

Attributes like sat navs, leather seats and breathtaking sunroofs can bump up the worth.

Extras in the offer

Such as extended warranties