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Choosing how to pay for your car is an important decision, so take time to think through each of the following options.


This is almost always the most cost-efficient method to get a car if you have enough in financial savings. Learn more by contracting our finance team We will offer an overview on deciding the best ways to pay for your car.

Individual loan

With a personal lending from a bank or building society, you could spread the cost over one to seven years. The regular monthly repayments can be higher than for other alternatives. But you own the car and the total quantity you pay must exercise less than a lot of other methods.

Individual financing are generally the most inexpensive way to obtain over the long-term. But if your credit score isn't excellent you could locate it difficult to obtain one. You might have to consider one of the financing approaches provided by car dealers instead. Figure out even more concerning purchasing a car via an individual loan.

Car leasing

This is more like a lasting rental, as you make fixed regular monthly repayments to use the car up until the agreement expires. There are two primary types of car leasing-- individual contract hire (PCH) and individual agreement purchase (PCP). The repayments tend to be below with other types of car financing, however, there's a mileage limitation. With PCH you'll never own the car, whereas with PCP you have the alternative of acquiring the car at the end of the contract by making a 'balloon repayment'.